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Basic Package
Secondary Market Research X
Competition Analysis X
Preliminary Keyword Patent Search X
Marketing How-To X
Opinions from Expert Evaluators X
Price $795
Completion Time 6 weeks

With every assessment report, we kindly include our Tips & Traps for Inventors comprehensive guide which helps outline the next steps you should take to effectively invest in your new product.

Our Basic Package includes:

Market Research- Once an inventor submits a confidential innovation registration and disclosure document, our researchers will identify the target market and analyze the opportunities, threats, trends and major competitors in that market.

A Review of the Competitive Environment- In this section of the report, the IAC outlines who the competitors of direct and indirect products are and gives company information about the barriers to enter a hostile environment or the opportunities to enter a highly fragmented market.

Keyword Patent Search- A preliminary, keyword patent search will be performed and the inventor will receive patent numbers, names, classes, and descriptions of similar products currently patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Marketing How-To- This section of the report includes important information for innovators about estimating a target market, setting the price, and sources/places for distribution.

A Product Review by our Expert Evaluators- Our assessment is not only the opinion of one person. We have access to outside experts who will assess the technical feasibility and market potential of a new product. Recent expert evaluators have included, but are not limited to: engineers, product developers, product brokers, government employees, marketers, retail buyers, health care professionals, professors and business owners.

At the end of each report, the IAC evaluates all the information available about the product, the industry, and the competitive environment to assign a rating estimating the potential chance to success. If your innovation receives an overall probability of success rating of 50% or greater, you will become eligible for additional business consulting. This could include assistance in preparing a business and marketing plan, locating suppliers and distributors in the supply chain and making strategic alliances.

You can be assured of our complete confidentiality: all of the information and materials regarding your ideas are covered by our strict nondisclosure agreement which is signed by every evaluator and researcher.
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