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EDA Center at WSU


So your friends and family think you have the next big thing … and deep down you’d like to agree, but like any good entrepreneur, you need verification. You want to know if anyone else is already producing something like your idea, and you would really like to get an expert’s opinion. This is certainly the time in a product development cycle in which good, substantial, intelligent research can be invaluable.

Well, fortunately you are not alone. Many innovators before you have come to the EDA Center at WSU to have their products reviewed by our talented research team, and in return, have been able to make more educated decisions about future commercialization efforts.


For over a decade, the EDA Center at Washington State University has provided evaluation services to individuals and small businesses throughout the world. An EDA Center early stage market assessment will help you decide if you should make additional investments in your idea, make changes in your product to improve marketability, or invest in a different idea.


We understand the importance of time in the early stages of research and product development for new products. Therefore, it is our commitment to you, the inventor that we will complete our process in the shortest time possible while still giving the thorough attention your product deserves. Our services require 4-6 weeks depending on your package choice.


We will give our genuine opinion of how we see your product fit into future markets. Our entire team is bound by non-disclosure agreements. Our third party independence from the project will enable us to be as critical of and honest about the product as possible.

The EDA Center at WSU can provide:

  • Industry Research
  • Expert Feedback Specific to Your Product
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Information about Competitors
  • Business Consulting
WSU College of Business. PO Box 644750, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-4750, 888-585-5433.