Fostering economic growth in the community

EDA Center at WSU

The WSU EDA University Center's mission is to identify, match, and facilitate the application of university resources to economic development needs. The EDA Center meets economic development needs by providing information, technical assistance and training for people and organizations in Washington State.

Welcome to the EDA Center at WSU

Welcome to the Economic Development Administration University Center at Washington State University. With the assistance of a U.S. government subsidy, we exist to help inventors and entrepreneurs launch their products or to refine existing ones. We take you through the development process -- from an idea all the way to a successful business. We offer assistance via these services:

Innovation Assessment Center

Do you have an idea that you would like evaluated for commercial viability? Allow the experts at the EDA Center to critically review your idea and help you bring it to market.


Do you want to take your business online or update an existing website? Let the EDA Center construct an online test market for you, complete with an ad campaign and a site optimized for effective search engine traffic.

WSU College of Business. PO Box 644750, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-4750, 888-585-5433.